Birthday celebrations and parties in Veselá kavárna

We offer three types of celebrations / parties according to the number of participants and extent of provided services. If you have any questions or personal requests, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be anxious to please all your needs and requests!
You can pre-order a celebration right now using our form.

After an agreement , we can upgrade your party with stylish decorations (Cars, princesses, Winnie the Pooh and more), princezny, medvídek Pooh apod.

Oslavy narozenin, párty a večírky

A - "Birthday reservation"

Price: 25,- CZK/child
Includes: reservation of requested seats for adults, praparation of children table (large table-cloth, confetti), 1 bottle of Robby Bubble for the toast, balloons according to the number of kids.

This form of celebration is suitable especially for smaller and shorter parties. In this case, children do not pay the kids' corner entrance fee. The café runs ordinarily.

B - "Birthday party"

Price: 55,- CZK/child
Includes: same as A plus each child is given its own funny cup, little plate, little knife and fork, party cap and one additional bottle of Robby Bubble for all. Preview

This form is suitable especially for moderately large parties. In this case, children do not pay the kids' corner entrance fee. The café runs ordinarily, however the party has its own private part of the café.

C - "Private party"


  • morning (9 - 14 hod.) 1.200,- CZK
  • afternoon (14 - 19 hod.) 1.600,- CZK
  • all day (9 - 19 hod.) 2.600,- CZK
Includes: same as A and café is closed for public.

This form is suitable especially for big all-day celebrations or company parties (invoicing possible). Children are not charged the kids'corner entrance fee. The café is closed for public. Please mind that the maximum capacity is 48 sitting adults.

We consider a reservation (time and type of celebration) valid only after the non-returnable deposit has been paid.
You can pre-order a celebration right now using our form.
Reservation by phone in advance lasts only for 4 days. When the deposit is not paid until then, such a reservation will be automatically canceled.
Deposit for "A" and "B" is 200,- CZK and for "C" it is 3.1.200,-/1.600,-/2.600,- CZK. This deposit is non-returnable regardless of the reason for cancelation!

Oslavy narozenin, párty a večírky

Other services

On request it is possible for all variants of the celebrations add decorations:

cheerful tablecloth 150,- CZK / piece
inflatable balloon 10,- CZK / piece
helium balloon 50,- CZK / piece
blowouts 10,- CZK / piece
cap 10,- CZK / piece
garland 100,- CZK / piece
giant balloons (90 cm) 120,- CZK / piece
crown on head 20,- CZK / piece
princess tiara 20,- CZK / piece
glow bracelets 25,- CZK / piece

For all types of celebration, we provide supply of delicious sandwiches, fresh desserts or cakes. Furthermore, it is possible to arrange a birthday menu, draught beer and more gourmet specialities.
In case of interest, for a price of 250,- CZK per hour we can provide an "animator" who will spend time with children (drawing, construction of models etc.) or a photographer to catch all your happy moments.

We recommend to place your reservations at least one week ahead, especially with regard to catering.
Animator must be reserved 14 days before party!

Cake preview

Cake preview

Cakes can be ordered for following prices:

Mole cake (1800g) 580,- CZK
Pixie cake (1700g) 570,- CZK
Mouse cake (1800g) 550,- CZK
Pineapple cake (1500g) 480,- CZK
Hazel cake (1200g) 440,- CZK
Chocolate cake (1200g) 440,- CZK
Coconut cake (1200g) 440,- CZK
Paris cake (1000g) 400,- CZK
Cake with fresh fruit (500g) 340,- CZK
Fruit cake (500g) 310,- CZK

Sandwich and garnished plates preview

Sandwich and garnished plates preview
After clicking on the picture you will vew the gallery.

Sandwichces can be ordered for following prices:

Garlic 26,- CZK
Gourmet 28,- CZK
LUX 32,- CZK
Hunter's Egg 25,- CZK
Russian Egg 25,- CZK
Anchovy 22,- CZK
With Debrecínka ham 27,- CZK
With Niva cheese 22,- CZK
Special 27,- CZK
With salami 25,- CZK
With tomato 22,- CZK
Super LUX 38,- CZK
With cheese 25,- CZK
With Ham 25,- CZK
Garnished plate for 5 persons 590,- CZK
Garnished plate for 7 persons 710,- CZK
Garnished plate for 10 persons 890,- CZK
Garnished plate for 12 persons 1.010,- CZK
Amount of ham, cheese, salami, walnut salad, fresh vegetables, eggs and vegetable garnish is 250g per person + pastries.

Entertainment programs - price list

Programs are designed in the way that all children and especially the toastee are in the middle of attention.
It is possible to arrange your own adjustments to the program so it appropriately fits your child's age and your genereral expectations.

Clown + shaping balloons + face painting + flashy tattoo
The program lasting 2 hours. Clown who shaped balloons to children like to play with children various games and theater, tells them stories, draws children into life on the planet magical clown. In addition, you can let the kids paint on the face of your favorite pet or you may have to do flashy tattoos.
4.500 CZK
Mini theatre show
A fairy-tale played by one actor lasting for about 40 minutes. Maximum number of children is 15. Interactive and entertaing for both children and parents, possibility of adjusting the show according to child's age.
4.000 CZK
Theatre show
A fairy-tale played by two actors lasting for about 1 hour. Possible variations: The Goldilocks, The Tall, the Wide and the Hawk-eyed or The Firebird and Ryška the fox.
5.000 CZK
Mini Carnival
Includes 1 actor performing for about 1 hour. Maximum number of children is 15. With or without masks, games and challenges in fairy-tale atmosphere and with marionettes.
4.000 CZK
This program comprises 2 actors and lasts for about 1,5 hour. Possible variations: Pirates, Animals, Halloween, Olympics and Devils.
7.000 CZK
The Balloon Clown
One man show, duration for about 30 minutes.
3.000 CZK
Face painting
One Man show, lasts for about 1 hour.
3.000 CZK
The Juggler
One artist performing more numbers with total duration of 1,5 hour.
5.000 CZK

The Balloon Clown, face painting or the juggler can be parts of the Carnival for an advantageous price.
For these programs, it is necessary to place a reservation at leats 3 weeks in advance and pay a deposit (100% of the full price).

Birthday, kids' or company party – only in the jolliest childrens' café in Brno!